4 Responses to “Impolite Doxie”

  1. patti

    I shouldn’t laugh. But I have 2 labs, & my male does the same thing to his sister if I don’t stop him! Even after she looks after him on their walks, waiting for him to catch up, always looking around to see if he is near her… he still pees on her – or at least tries. I hope yours love each other besides this gross show of goggie betrayal 🙂

  2. Amanda Long

    lol, my male dachshund tried to cover up my female’s pee while she’s still peeing. Cooper had peed on Pepper’s leg more then once!

  3. Amy K.

    My youngest male always pees on the same spot as my old 14.5yr Doxie. Usually at the same time she is still peeing. Boys they just can’t stand not having the last pee.

  4. Ehrin

    My 13 year old Bichon Frise pees on my 2 year old doxie mix all the time. Funny since Mr. Doxie mix is a bully!


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