7 Responses to “Joey the Rat Terrier likes to de-fuzz the tennis balls…”

  1. Lisa

    My Doxin does that too. Surprisingly you can buy the ones that have mint flavoring on them!

  2. Ashley

    My dog does that, i read it’s bad for their teeth so she doesn’t get balls with fuzz anymore 🙁

  3. peggyk

    My sister’s dog used to chew the fur off of tennis balls all the time. One day he stopped eating, stopping drinking water and stopped pooping and peeing. After a emergency run to the vet, emergency surgery,……..the vet pulled out a wad of that yellow fur. The synthetic fibers had blocked his intestines, causing a hole to develop and part of his gut rot away. After cutting out the bad parts and thousands of dollars later he finally recovered.

    Short story long, never give a dog or cat something that can be eaten and is made out of a synthetic man made material. Even those raw hides are not good. Just saying……………..

  4. Dailey

    My dog does that, too!! It’s harder for her to get the fuzz off of actual human tennis balls, but she still manages to do so after a while. I just bought her a rubber Kong ball with no fuzz- hope it’ll last!

  5. Charmaine

    My dog did this as well until it caused a blockage in his intestine. We were lucky that there wasn’t any permanent damage and the surgery went off without a hitch. Though it did cost us a few thousand dollars at the vet. Our lesson from this was to remove “fuzzy” items and invest in pet insurance, not a single issue since 🙂


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