5 Responses to “Like father like son”

  1. Sarah Johnson

    LOL, I think it runs in the breed not just in the family! I end up carrying my bassett home every time I get a brilliant idea to take her for a walk

  2. beth

    my bassett can only walk to the end of the street, and can barely make it home. the end of the street is only past 1 house a vacant lot, maybe a 10th of a mile. its a breed thing

    • Sarah Johnson

      Mine will make it about half a mile….then she lays down and plays dead. But of course as soon as we get home and I put her in the backyard, she’ll run around like she’s hopped up on redbull lol

  3. Susan

    We have a neighbor w 2 Bassett hounds… They are so cute and so friendly that he has to walk them ridiculously late or early if he wants to make it around the block without a 150 people stopping them for kisses and pats. It’s like he’s walking the Beatles!


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