9 Responses to “Lucy, Queen of the Fart and Dart”

  1. Laura

    ROTF..never heard the term “Fart and Dart” but that is exactly what my Wheaton Terrier does!

  2. Damita sylvest

    I have two bostons……and they are very well known for that….lol….shes a cuttie!!!!!

  3. Sunsuns

    We call it crop dusting… But fart and dart really covers it. My old German Shepard mix had no shame in her bodily functions, in fact, she would plop down right under our feet and release the toxic fumes and then would wag her tail as we called out her name in disgust.

  4. Janet

    I had two Bostons that would also perfume the air…but they had no shame, and stayed right where they were….just staring at me as if trying to put the blame on me!!


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