8 Responses to “Mountain biking shame”

  1. Teresa Minton

    I see no reason why she should be ashamed either. I’m sure she was VERY happy and had a WONDERFUL time behaving as her ancestors did. In her mind, she did everything she was suppose to do! ENJOY!!

  2. holydiver1988@ayhoo.com

    Wow, I’m sure the lady didn’t actually mean her dog should be ashamed of being a dog, it’s a picture and a cool story. I’m sure it took her a while to give the pup a bath and that’s what I’m sure she was talking about. Lighten up…..

    • Steve

      Exactly … these postings are all of dogs just being dogs. They are posted by people who love their dogs and If each submission is met with these responses – implying that they don’t understand their dog – this site will quickly dry up.

  3. Lucy

    Ever since comments were enabled, people seem to enjoy sucking the fun out of this site. Which is what is is, FUN! No one is literally shaming or being ashamed of their dog. And no one needs to give unsolicited advice (criticism) to dog owners.


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