10 Responses to “Munching on Stuffing”

  1. Joanna Nemeth

    OMG you have no idea how many comforters my husky ripped apart 🙂 and pillows and stuffed toys and dog beds 🙂

    • Ginny

      Yes, the down comforter is chewed open on 3 corners, the coverlet has a growing hole in it, the cowhide rug is just being eaten bite by bite… pillows are a thing of the past ~ nothing is sacred. She is a beast. And I adore her and would have her cloned if I could ~ 🙂

  2. Ginny

    oh my god, this is my husky! she goes back to the same cushion over and over – but amazingly, always pulls from the part that’s behind – that you can’t see. it’s lumpy, but it’s not destroyed.

  3. Leslin

    awwww he clearly loves the teddy!!! he couldnt imagine hurting it i’m sure!!! the couch now is a different story..:D


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