6 Responses to “My nails are great for traction!”

  1. Dixie

    I have miniature Schnauzer also. They are not sorry! lol But they are so cute, they get away with it. Have them cut the nails shorter next time and know he’ll do it again. ha!

  2. Poupoune

    My standard schnauzer wanted to say hey to our housekeeper in her Merceds, and she ruined the car door paint >_<. The guy at the insurance asked me if she has diamond toe nails or if she is a bear…

  3. Valerie Moreno

    lol This is my dog, and he HATES having his nails trimmed. He has to be muzzled and he releases his anal glands when he gets them trimmed…. so his nails are never THAT short unfortunately.

  4. Vicky Hutchins

    Dyanne, I have a log couch and a couple night stands that have similar gouges ! It’s hard to stay mad for very long though !


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