10 Responses to “Needs top shelf water”

  1. Emily

    My parent’s cat requires that she be given fresh running water out of the sink multiple times per day. And since she can’t turn it on, she follows them (or anyone in the house) around meowing until they do. Then, she won’t drink while anyone is standing there, so she waits until you leave. Spoiled cat.

  2. Mike

    Our Shih Tzu will not drink unless it is so fresh she smells the chlorine in it…..will not share with her mom or brother…little diva she is

  3. Donna DeWeese

    SPOTS=SPECIAL WATER! Rudder clearly needs water that makes a sound and is observed to be flowing. Maybe on a special day a fish will be ejected through the faucet. So adorable!

  4. Piperwest12

    My shih Tzu will flip his bowl of water over, even when full, if the water is more than an hour old. Oh and if it isn’t venison or rabbit based food he will go a day or two without eating! Such a diva!

  5. a max

    i have two labs and one of them named apollo just will not drink out of the water bowl if my other dog comet drinks out of it !!!!! so cray cray right!?


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