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  1. Karin H

    I had a friend who was blind and had a black lab guide dog who was faithful, obedient, and wonderful. This dog lived in the city with her, walked with her to her office everyday and even went on dates with her. He lived a confined life but he never complained. We took him out to the wilderness on a camping trip and he saw the lake and hit the dock at full speed (actually knocked someone over) as he jumped into the lake. If there was ever a moment that an animal expressed pure joy, that was it. Your dog is doing what he was meant to do…you may want to get him a little pool so that he can also honor his calling…he was meant to swim! It’s a relationship and he’ll do well by you if you do well by him! 🙂

    • Patti

      Thank you for sharing, Karin. What a beautiful story!
      I love Labs — we had a wonderful black lab that would actually toss a stick into the water so that he had a reason to retrieve it. Hey — I wonder if that’s how they got their name? Y’know, retrievers? LOL

  2. Missa L.

    Pineapple will help the poo eating. It changes the enzymes in the stomach and makes the dog not want to eat poo. I give my Chihuahua some every couple of days.

  3. Miss Ellie

    We had a lab who liked to lie in a little shallow vinyl kiddie pool. He would lie in there on rainy days and look like he was in heaven. Labs + Water = Blissful Happiness.


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