15 Responses to “No weenies were harmed during this shaming”

  1. Andretta Schellinger

    Before anyone gets into a fit of hysteria, there are no coals, in fact this is appears to be brand new. I have threatened my boxers, but I doubt they would taste good.

  2. DWall

    this is a pro-animal website meant to be satirical and funny, the operators wouldn’t post any pictures of dogs actually being abused or mistreated. anyone else’s presumptions are their own.

  3. Alexis T

    My foster doxie, Abby, acts JUST THE SAME! Except she howls when you don’t pay attention to her…so much fun. =(

  4. M&M

    Been thinking about doing the same to my two Doxies…guess its wishful thinking….;)
    So precious!!!

  5. Karen A Hitt

    Dachshunds do not whine. They are talkers…and moaners, and barkers. Whining is beneath their German dignity.

  6. Veronica

    Oh, Dachshunds DO whine!! My little guy whines when he’s on the couch next to me, and he wants his toy which is on the floor right below him….it’s his way of “asking” me to pick it up for him. Dignity be damned.

  7. sia

    waaaay too funny!!! i totally get it!! mine whine and grumble… for any reason whatsoever!! wheres the mustard!!?!?!!


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