11 Responses to “Normally I Don’t Even Realize I’m a Tripod…”

  1. Laura Kuhl

    Smart, cute and simply adorable. I think she’s loved a lot and for that I am grateful. May all the animals of this world be so loved…<3

  2. LDG in VA

    What a sweet thought Laura. I never post because people can be unnecessarily mean, but your comments are wonderful just like this pup. (And my border collie limps for peanut butter cookies. It was a learned behavior that we regretfully have reinforced!)

  3. Melanie

    simply precious! my dog Maia, although entirely abled, years ago when being trained out of her inclination to play-bite people, began feigning that she was yawning every time she’d hear the ‘no biting’ command. It was simply adorable…”mom, I wasn’t biting…I was just tired!”. They are such loves.

  4. 20somethingpr

    So beautiful! It’s amazing how smart they are! My dog has learned that if he wakes me up before my alarm I will coax him back to bed with treats. I think I should be shamed.

    • rory's mom

      Oh I love this! My Rory gently pulls the covers back from me when it is time to get up. If I pull them back up, he again, takes his paw and removes the covers. I must try the dog treats so that I can sleep in ! lol

  5. Tasha

    Awwww! My old dog fell down some stairs once (he was perfectly fine afterwards) and we took him to the vet to double check he was okay. There was nothing wrong with him, apart from him limping whenever my mother came into the room, because he knew she was a soft touch! They’re definitely smarter than most people give them credit for!


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