15 Responses to “Notice Me”

  1. Missy Pants

    My doxie girl does it, but usually it’s a wrestling pose, she does right before she’s about to pounce on her cousin. She’s a mini but he’s a tweenie and he can’t do it. 🙂

  2. BonBon

    No, my Shih Tzu used to do it all the time to beg for food, just silently sitting there looking so irrisistable if you happened to glance his way….worked every time. He’s 18 now, so I think he forgot how

  3. Melissa

    My chihuahuas do it. One of them does it outside all the time, I think it’s so he can see farther because he’s so short lol

  4. sb226Susan

    I have a cavapoo (cavalier/poodle) and she does the exact same thing. Plus she can hold the position forever.

  5. Joelle

    My mini does that, I trained him to do it on command, just say meerkat and stays like that til he’s released.

  6. Monet

    My Jack Russell does this pose by sitting in front of the TV. She tries to block my view so she can feel like I’m looking at her when she feels neglected (she’s never neglected tho!) I call it her “prairie dog” look.


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