9 Responses to “Obi loves tennis balls”

  1. Mary Kay Walters

    my Aussie mix does the exact same thing!! But she will do it right in front of us!! Silly dogs!

  2. cynbish61

    Be careful with that. One of mine ate a tennis ball and it made him very sick. He threw up so many times that he started to shake. I was very worried it would be the end of him.

  3. Hellen Baker

    Obi’s face is so adorable that I just want to buy him more Tennis Ball’s. It’s my inability to refuse furry faces that has my Woofie spoiled rotten!

  4. Barbara Teskey

    our boxer(he is white) cash would tear apart his toys too,so we buy him durable toys,like Kong,that he can chew all he wants and not destroy it(:

    • kirsten

      I work at the spca and ive seen so many kongs torn apart. Where theres a will theres a way i guess

  5. star bricker

    Our bull terrier, Sweet Baboo, ate a tennis ball. It was 5 days in doggy hospital with a surgical bill of $1800, because a piece got stuck, his stomach got blocked, and he started eating everything hoping he would vomit. Be careful!


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