23 Responses to “Oh you’re home…I don’t care”

  1. Linda Faison

    Our Jack Russell, Holly goes crazy when she hears my husbands car coming down the street. She knows the sound of his car and knows he’s coming home, and she wants me to get up and run around with her because she is so excited. However, when I come home… I not only make noise by driving down the road, lifting the garage door up, and come into the house… she just sit’s on the couch and looks at me like Oh, it’s only you… I am so jealous! LOL… but, she does come to her mom when she’s not scared or not feeling good…

  2. Kristen

    My dogs are the same… only when they really need to go outside do they come up and greet me lol Very handsome lab!

  3. Toni

    Dogs have owners, cats have servants. Maybe Tucker is getting intouch with his inner cat? What a cute boy tho!!

  4. mamaspeak

    That’s usually a sign that Tucker is Alpha. Since that seems to be ok w/you, I guess Tucker is right.

  5. mikeyintheoc

    That is the best. That look. Maybe if you hide his remote controls he’ll change his tune?

  6. Moonlissa

    That is exactly how my girl acts, except she is joined on the couch by her best friend kitty. Both rescues…neither seems very grateful!

  7. Pauline

    Very handsome boy!
    “oh, would you mind being quiet please. Dr Phil is on.”

    (I love your sofas too!)

  8. Danielle

    I watch a dog who dose the same thing I always call her lazy dog when she refuses to get up off the chair she also has no shame

  9. emily

    I had a dog who did the same thing once she got older, like eh’ what evs. good to see you guys.

  10. Leslin

    now that’s gangsta!!! Well I’m sure he doesn’t want anyone stealing his spot on the couch (like Sheldon) 😀


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