10 Responses to “On The Fifth Day of Christmas”

  1. Katie

    Technically, the fifth day of Christmas is December 29, but that’s pretty hilarious anyway. My dog once at a full pound bag of M&Ms AND a full bag of marshmallows in the same sitting. This was pre-Dog Shaming, or she would have been right up there.

  2. Felicia Afifi

    I guess chocolate isn’t as bad as we all thought…my dog once ate 1 lb of Valetine chocolate hearts foil and all…I called Poison Control thinking my dog was a goner and when she asked me what he was doing I had to laugh..he was sleeping on the couch as usual..no change in behavior at all!

  3. DWall

    yeah i’ve witnessed my bulldog eat over 1lb of solid german chocolate and escape with nothing more than an upset stomach.

  4. Robyn Beck

    It takes a lot of chocolate to harm your pet and an especially large amount of MILK chocolate…watch the semi-sweet or near bitter chocolate that’s so good for humans. 🙂

  5. nunaya1

    Yes- it’s the dark and baking chocolate that is toxic in smaller quantities. My basset got into 2 bars of bittersweet chocolate a couple of years ago and I did start seeing signs of toxicity- hyperactivity and muscle tremors. I had to take him to the ER.
    The same dog at a bag of hershey kisses a couple of years prior with no issues. It takes a lot of milk chocolate to cause a problem.

  6. Bob's mom

    Well, I had a dog who got a pound of Christmas chocolate while I was a work and came back to a…swamp. Stll don’t know which end it came out of. Guess the swamp was a blessing, because she seemed no worse for wear except exhausted. She died a few years later at only 5 though, I don’t know if it weakened her. Bfter that, only mutts. They’re heathier and better able to weather these challenges.

  7. tom989898

    My Springer Spaniel ate two “chocolate cars” that the kids were given at a wedding. Each car was like a foot long. They were hollow like a traditional Easter bunny. That dog threw up everything it had down to its toenails and was sick for two days.

  8. MsKat

    it’s not funny that the dogs ate the chocolate, but the way some of you described the aftereffects is hilarious…


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