5 Responses to “Please move the cat”

  1. Molly and Gabys mom!

    This looks exactly like Gaby the Dane and our cat Maggie!! Someone must have snuck in my house and taken this picture !! Haha!

  2. Rob Gary

    Poor Pooch. What most folks forget or didn’t know is, Dogs have no sense of size. They don’t realize they are huge or tiny. They DO however KNOW that cats HISS and Scratch so…lesson learned lol.

  3. Michelle

    Sounds like our dane. She’s scared of her own shadow. The neighbors to our left behind us were having a new roof put on when I let them outside one morning. She cried at the door, I let her in, and she tore into the living room, laid down flat on the chaise lounge (part of our sectional) and peeked her head up over the back of it to look out the door whining!


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