9 Responses to “PRESENTS!”

  1. Leeora Patterson

    Stella is so cute how can you give her coal, she’s just a baby a really cute baby,

  2. Karen

    My little Jasmine looked a lot like Stella when she was a pup. She didn’t unwrap, but it was awkward for me to unwrap as she had to be in my lap the entire time we opened gifts. This is her 17th, and probably last, Christmas. In the scheme of things, this is just one of many mischievous moments you will laugh about someday.

  3. MsKat

    she is SO cute…looks like she also likes to open the gifts that are bigger than her too…

  4. trolleela

    Yet another animal advanced enough to be able to not only write a note, but engage in this child-shaming behavior via internet! What a world we live in these days! It’s fantastic that we as human beings have perfected ourselves as a species and now seek only to reach out to other lesser animals and help them rise to our level!


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