16 Responses to “Rock-a-bye Baby?”

  1. tammi

    That is so freaking cute I can’t stand it. I wish my Lucy would let me hold her like that!

  2. Laura

    That is because you will always be his baby! My two boys love to be held like that as well.

  3. Amanda

    My 55 lb black lab/beagle mix (Tux) likes for me ( mom ) to hold him like this as well. So cute.

  4. Stephanie

    Our mastiff is the same way, he swears he is a lap dog. If he’s not laying like that, he is sitting right on my husband’s lap with his pitiful big puppy head on top of my husband’s head 🙂

  5. Cmg

    As a “little” puppy my Boxer was an independent little thing~ Now at 7 months & 65lbs he has decided he likes to cuddle at night! I love it!

  6. Carrie

    Adorable! I have a little Boston Terrier and I wanted a small dog to be able to do exactly that – but she hates it. Absolutely will not tolerate it.


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