3 Responses to “Roscoe loves mud pits”

  1. Marie

    Wowza! That is a LOT of dirt on the bottom of the tub! Look at his face, he is sorry, mommy 🙂

  2. whorlingtides

    Uh….I don’t think he’s sad about the mud…I think he’s sad because he’s getting a bath!! Just a guess based upon the bath looks given in this house!

  3. patti

    It could be worse … my Labs love to get really muddy. When they come home, one will very dutifully lie down on the blanket in the front room, the other always runs upstairs and rubs his entire body on the pillows, pushing the covers away … even when the gate is closed, he pushes it open, when the “mud control” blanket is on the bed. I clean a lot of pillow cases! At least Roscoe looks like he knows he’s been naughty!


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