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  1. renee

    yeah, Rottweilers are such big, scary, mean dogs! We have one that would probably do the same thing, he thinks everybody who comes to the house is there to play with him. He would probably even help them move the stuff out to the car.

  2. Judi Neville

    Thank you for this website! The dogs are obviously loved unconditionally but I absolutely enjoy the names…Brian!

  3. Rogersmom

    Oh I’m sorry that happened to you but Brian is adorable. I live with a pit bull named Roger, love the human names 🙂

  4. nic

    Aww bless him .. Our labrador would probably do exactly the same thing – but think i’d rather have her friendly as be worried she was going to attack someone .. but saying that she pretends to be fierce when people are at the door or going past .. so maybe she wouldn’t be so welcoming 🙂 x

  5. toutedelafruit

    i locked myself outside in my backyard the other night (my beagle was sound asleep in the warm apt…in her bed…asleep…) and had to call a locksmith. I LITERALLY had a strange man “breaking in” to my apt. and she did absolutely nothing…except continued to sleep. Great guard dog, this one. *shakes head*

  6. Kendra Johnson

    Too cute for words. But the good thing is, he can be a witness when they catch them. He knows their scent. Might’ve been some covert operation on Brian’s part. LOL He won’t let it happen again, believe me.

  7. Hellen Baker

    Brian is the Rottie equivalent of my late Staffie/lab cross called Rocky. When we where burgled he was asleep in bed next to me. The Constables who came to take the report where not entirely convinced. I asked one of them to try and climb through the same window the burglar did. With the help of a stepladder and many assurances he did. When he hit the kitchen floor Rocky went ‘mental’… with kisses. He was thrilled to find a new friend who was maybe hiding sausages! He laughingly pointed out that he wasn’t much of a guard dog. I pointed out he wasn’t a guard dog he was a pet!
    To this day I would rather have lost some belongings than risk any harm to my furry or my other half and I. Long live dippy pets! The irony is we also had a Scottish Terrier at the time, he was at the vets overnight. He would have gone absolutely mental, yet not known as aggressive!

  8. SJTPatrick

    So glad Brian wasn’t harmed. But in his defense, he is still a puppy. Not too intimidating for a burglar, yet. We have 2 schnauzers who absolutely bark & sound so aggressive at the least little noise, friends, strangers, mailmen & even doorbells on TV. So much so, we finally cutt off our alarm system, we didn’t need it. Must be the terrier in them. Sorry for your loss, but glad Brian was unharmed.

  9. Marianne Roycroft

    Thank you for all your wonderful stories and comments on his name. Brian was named after the movie ‘The Life of Brian’ by the vet who operated on him when he was found on a building site with a shattered back leg.
    They think he may have been kicked by a steel cap boot. He was twelve weeks old! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to adopt him from the shelter. You would expect him to be timid or nervous but he is the opposite.
    The most joyful creature. Every object a potential toy, every person a potential playmate.6 months old now.

    • Greatdanelady

      The Life of Brian is one of my favorite movies, so I wholeheartedly approve of his name. How lucky he is to have found a good family.

      Our Great Dane, Charlie, would do the same thing. He barks, but he’s mostly hoping for treats.

    • rory's mom

      so glad that Brian is now ‘living the life of Riley’ as my Irish mom would say!

  10. Rachel

    This would be my American bulldog Winston also. I was in bed sick one afternoon. Winston was in bed watching over me while I slept. My dad came over, opened the garage sour, came up the stairs, back the hallway & into the bedroom & Winston never made a single noise or budged. When he finally saw my dad though he did start wagging his tail viciously…

  11. Wendy

    My rescued Rottie Roscoe, all 142 lbs of him, likes to pretend he’s big stuff and I do think just his bark would be intimidating enough. BUT if they were girl burglars, I’d be robbed blind

  12. Andrea

    My pit bull would do the same! Thats ok Brian you showed these jerks love they probably needed!

  13. Jim

    Heh. Yeah, this is how all 3 of our Rotties were. Though the last one, Cora, would’ve knocked them over to lick them…

  14. Flossie

    My dad has two great danes (Doris and Brian, we’re big fans of the human names for dogs!), when you enter the house you physically have to stride over Brian as he likes sleeping in front of the door but won’t actually wake up for anything, Doris will bark at you yet attempt to hide behind my dad, by which I mean she will put her head behind my dad and leaving the rest of her body visible. Seems she’s an advocate of ‘if I can’t see you, you can’t see me!’


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