4 Responses to “Shorter is Better”

  1. Cheri

    Ohhhhhh! I love the pink peep toes! They are peeping a little more now but those are cute! And little Sadie looks sorry mama!

  2. Michael Dennique

    That is hysterical toes gone out of the shoes. My Angie ate whole in the kitchen wall when she was a pup. She actually did it till she was a year old. Had her to the vets twice and the vets said she was great nothing wrong. She was just teething. LOL Happy New Year.

  3. Lee

    My Corgi Dilly ate the veneer off the leg of an antique Italian bombe chest. I came out of my bedroom, smelled wet wood and there it was leaning on a partially gnawed leg. It is still waiting to be repaired.


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