12 Responses to “Skittles the chocolate detective”

  1. Soda Pop

    Perhaps the Mom should have learned the first time where an appropriate place is to set the chocolate coffee beans. Chocolate is lethal to dogs…

    • Bonbon

      Agree, he is little, doesn’t take much chocolate to kill him. Top shelf or leave it in the store

  2. Judy Chavez

    our vet told us to give ours a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. it will cause them to throw up whatever they eat. Mine will find chocolate everywhere. He’s even eaten half of a chocolate cake.

  3. B

    If the vet has not told you … This has an accumulative effect.. Just like grapes or raisins , one day it’s the final dose and then 🙁

    • J. K.

      I work at the Animal Hospital. Dachshunds are very prone to Pancreatitis, due to being given (or eating) human food. Please know that this isn’t cute, it’s deadly.

  4. Helene Lincoln

    I agree with Rachel! Once dogs get the taste of chocolate, the seem to literally crave it & will seek it out & find it no matter where it is. We have been through countless episodes with our Sheltie in her 8 years. We now keep hydrogen peroxide in our house at all times. Works wonders & saves on the expensive vet trips. Get a small syringe at your local pet store to make administration easier.

  5. Sarah

    Poor baby! It happens!! If you catch him in time take him outside & give him some hydrogen peroxide! Don’t worry, it almost immediately induces vomit… Hence outside 🙂 good luck!!


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