5 Responses to “Suitcase snacker”

  1. whorlingtides

    all that fruit equals one upset tummy, Jerry. please save some for later next time, ok buddy?! They’re not mad at you…they wanted to see what was in the suitcase to, you know.

  2. rachel

    funny! exactly what our weimaraners do. we have them on lock down when we are away, and even then they manage to break into rooms and wreak havoc!

  3. Traci

    I had a friend that had 2 dogs that would get into my bag every time I stayed over. I would walk into the room and catch the big one with her head in the bag and the little one with my toothbrush in his mouth. I think they thought it was a game since I would chase them all through the house yelling. Miss those dogs now. LOL

  4. Dixie

    If you break this down – taking the food: he knows that humans don’t eat food that down on floor level, so if the suitcase was on the floor then it was fair game. Getting into their suitcase and taking things about – he probably noticed that since they hadn’t unpacked so he decided to make them feel at home and just helped. The candy – this was either an effort to make sure it was safe or he was trying to do a mea culpa and take if to your guests in effort to replace their food. Weims are very smart! lol


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