8 Responses to “The Humper”

  1. Marina

    Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? She looks just like my dog and we’ve been trying to figure out what she is forever.

  2. Sammie

    I’ve been told dominance but they also do it out of frustration when others don’t want to play like they do.

  3. Z. Constantine

    You can get your dog’s DNA tested to get a better idea – kits w/mailed-back results are fairly cheap (and it’s fun to have a practical application for DNA testing).

  4. Annie

    We did the DNA test (the Wisdom Insights one, I think it’s called – we bought it from Amazon), and it was pretty cool. Our dog is a known humper, also. And she’s a girl. And humps the boys. Of course, she also lifts her leg to pee. She likes to push the gender role boundaries. 😉


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