22 Responses to “The Rudy List”

  1. Christine Barry

    You’d be surprised how much good a LONG walk will do for dog behavior. Either poops them out so they just sleep or relieves excess energy that otherwise goes into chewing and being bad . . .!!!

  2. CJ

    Sounds like typical Vizsla behavior! Lucky they are cute! Ours is Ruby – she’s almost 10 but still a stealthy counter surfer!

  3. Renee

    My Bubba peed in my bed while I was in it and very sick. I think he was trying to scare off the Angel of Death or something. He runs around in the yard with his buddy all day and gets at least a half hour walk a day. But I love him. And now I love Rudy, too.

  4. Darcy

    Sounds like a viszla alright! Just like our Moose….some days I tell him, it’s a good thing you are cute!

  5. Ruth

    Rude-ee!!! That’s OK, you are adorable and this is puppy stuff. I predict you grow up to be such a good boy!

  6. Sue

    Sounds like he is really stressed about something and my bet is that it is Harley. Dogs don’t pee on you in bed for no reason – either they are sick or they are angry. Take him to a vet to be examined for bladder/kidney issues. He should also be X-rayed to locate the Barbie arms as those could perforate his intestines.

    • Alex

      Um, I think he’s just being a typical restless puppy! The only cause for alarm is how ridiculously cute Rudy is!

  7. pinkaroo

    Oh for heaven’s sake people! Is there a page for shaming people who think they know everything about dogs????


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