10 Responses to “The taste of Christmas cheer”

  1. Zen

    My Great Pyr ate 2 art pottery bowls once, and passed them on his own. Good luck to you, crazy dog!

    I still find it hard to believe people on dog shaming immediately assume that posters are eschewing the vet to write a dog shame note and take a picture. No crap, they’ve taken her to the vet.

  2. kathy

    My rescue Leokadia, breeder in a puppy mill did that our first Christmas together. She’ll pulled down a ball and proceeded to bite it! Shards of glass everywhere, she was fine.

  3. Kitana

    Holy crap, that dog looks EXACTLY like our 1 1/2 year old White German Shepherd/ Greyhound cross, Makenzie. (She’s a little trouble maker too, and the reason we didn’t put a tree up this year)

  4. Cat A

    Hi, what kind of dog is that it looks very similar to ours which we have no idea what he is.

  5. cora

    this was my greatest fear for our lab’s first christmas in our home! i moved the tree into a remote corner (i.e. out of her main path) and rearranged all the ornaments so anything fragile/chew toy-esque was out of her reach. thankfully all major disasters were averted.

  6. cora

    i should add that my friend’s dog ate an entire glass butter dish with no problems other than what came out the other end!


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