10 Responses to “Vegas Hates Holiday PDAs”

  1. Jordan

    I hope that was plastic, if not, poor dog ownership. Toxic plants should be kept out of reach, or out of the house entirely.

  2. Leslin

    Every time I kiss my doggie she turns her face away as though she feels shy or something-every single time! 😀

  3. Arjahi

    I am sure that Vegas parents love him/her very much and wouldn’t have live mistletoe within reach. They only wanted to share a cute photo not incite critism.

  4. B

    Most people don’t keep mistletoe at a low level, so I’m sure the pup accidentally ate it. It looks plastic. And I’m sure the people criticizing the foster family can look back on something their dog once ate that it shouldn’t have – I know if my two are determined to get at something they will!

  5. VegasMom

    Omg people. Chill! It’s plastic! Fake! Thanks to those who don’t assume 😉
    Sincerely, the responsible owner of Vegas.


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