17 Responses to “A Gland Problem”

  1. Gr8 Dane Lover

    That stuff is like glue, too! It should be bottled and sold as such :). Spanky, you are too handsome to be mad at <3.

  2. Stacey

    Oh my, he’s fabulous! The drool is unfortunate, but it would be very hard to stay mad at that face.

  3. Rebekah

    We just have our Saint wear a bandana. Then you can wipe the drool as it comes! What a sweet boy though. It’s not his fault he’s slobbery.

  4. Wendy Stewart

    haha, my friend has a mastiff, Goliath, and we just call it glomming. As in, “Ewwwwww, he glommed me!!” He’ll just lay his big ol’ head on your lap and you sort of want to shriek and jump up, but he rolls his eyes at you and you can tell….”Love me?” How can you resist??

  5. Rachael

    Such a cutie! I have a friend that breeds mastiffs and apparently you can train them not to drool! She trained all her puppies this trick.

  6. Jess

    What a sweet little baby! 😀
    I have a St Bernard, and she doesn’t drool much unless she wants something I’m eating. If she’s begging, she’ll stare into my soul and drool buckets.

  7. BuddyKees

    I grew up with a Mastiff named Kirk. Once my mom was watching my cousins and had us all bake chocolate chip cookies. As they cooled on the kitchen table, Kirk came into the kitchen for a big drink of water and then shook his head and slung drool all over the cookies. My mom threw them all away, but I think I would have just dabbed the cookies with paper towels and eaten them!


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