4 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Hugh”

  1. Audrey

    Hooray for rescued coonhounds! Mine is a bluetick, and they are wonderfully sweet, goofy, and very clever dogs. And like Hugh, my bluetick has had fun peeing on every single Christmas tree put out to the curb in our neighborhood. May Hugh find a loving forever home very soon.

  2. Andrea

    What an adorable fella! Bring him to the “Barkus” Mardi Gras parade, and I bet he’ll get adopted in no time!!!

  3. Marc

    I work with a Basset rescue group in Dallas and his head looks like one of out previous dogs. Too cute.

  4. Emilie

    This is Hugh’s foster mom. He will be attending Barkus is his new tuxedo and top hat! You can visit his facebook page at Facebook.com/HughWalkerHound or just look him up at Hugh WalkerHound


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