9 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Buddy”

  1. Wendy McLane

    Love this guy. My house wouldn’t work we have little people and a gaggle of critters… I hope his sweet old butt finds a nice retirement family. ♥

  2. suzie champoux

    i am so sad..he looks just like the baby girl..she’s 4 from our animal shelter…we have since figured out she must have been with an elderly lady, just before whatever happened!! she’s so special and has in a year rulz our home…wish i could take him as she loves other dogs..but he shall find a home i’m sure…i call her a troll and not curmudgeon..same same, some family will be blessed!!! i know i am!!

  3. Anna

    Thanks everyone for your kind wishes toward Buddy! I had the privilege of fostering the little guy! He actually was adopted after I submitted this, but before it posted! He has found a lovely retired couple, and is going to be a snowbird! By this time next week he will be in Florida working on his tan!

  4. Ruth Blankemeyer

    Sorry I missed him. I have a houseful of geriatric dogs and cats and was going to offer a loving home.

  5. Laura

    What kind of dog Is buddy? We fostered a senior Dolly , age 13, but decided to keep her. We call her the troll. We have 3 other adopted seniors. Very curious about her breed. No info as she was dumped at a rural high kill shelter. Anyway, she looks EXACTLY like Buddy.

  6. Anna

    Ruth, that’s very thoughtful of you, it is so hard to find homes for senior dogs, but Buddy was too sweet to last long! He was raised by a woman in her 80’s and couldn’t go with her when she moved into assisted living, so he’s had a very quiet life without a lot of interaction with other animals and people. He’s very timid and has little or no patience for other dogs he’s been around!

    Laura Buddy is a pomeranian/schipperke mix.


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