5 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Danke”

  1. R. S. Marsh

    The link above to “more information on Danke” does not work. Wanted to let you know.

  2. Tina

    Why does she have a collar and leash on her if she was crated? It is a choking hazard.

  3. lori

    @Tina, I’m sure they put the leash on after just for the picture. I know Monica and she is a very experienced dog owner and foster mom who’s dogs get only the very best of care. Remember these photos are posed and staged tho Danke had been a huge challenge for Monica. Monica did everything she could possibly do to keep this little foster safe. R.S Marsh…I believe that Danke is in a Humane Society for Hamilton County (IN) foster home that may adopt her. Sorry the link doesn’t work. The crate she escaped from twice was one I’d loaned to them for Danke, It was a “great dane” sized crate that should have been more than substantial (strong) to contain this small dog. (The wire grid was close enough not to be a danger either as I’d used it for my chihuahua). I’ve had small chihuahuas that have shown amazing abilities and strength in order to escape confinement. While Danke isn’t large she is very clever, determined and strong for her size! Monica saves many dogs lives by fostering the special needs dogs…please give her some credit.

  4. Bob

    we are fostering 2 pups and they managed to escape from the exact same kind of crate while we were at a Christmas party for a couple of hours.. I think Santa let them out because they sure did leave some “presents” around the house!

  5. Sinthea

    If I didn’t already have 4 cats and a dog I would totally add her to fam.. This is the first post I have seen from my area.


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