7 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Dawg”

  1. Val

    Unfortunately I’m not in a position to take a dog into my home but THANK YOU – whoever you are who are – who has sponsered Dawg’s adoption. Your compassion does you great credit and I hope your sponsership idea inspires others.

  2. mea culpa

    Im in CA and also have a full house… but i could possibly pay all or part of another adoption fee to keep another dog from the needle. Is there a website? How does that work? My email is popcornguppies@gmail.com please email me w details

  3. Jade

    Dawg has been given the afternoon to live! His adoption is paid and there is $150 pledged to a rescue if they pull him! Please share!

  4. Jade

    Dawg was adopted at the LAST MINUTE by a wonderful family with a yard! They said that he is a sweetheart and they are so excited!


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