23 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays- Fire”

  1. Rich Torquato

    God Bless SGT Kyle Henry, and I pray that his grieving pal, Miss Fire, Finds a good home.

  2. ev low

    There are volunteer transport organizations that I’m sure will help with transport if there was anyone far away that would be willing to open up their home.

  3. wes

    What a heart breaking story. Prayers that she winds up in a house filled with love and lots of snuggles

  4. Stacey

    I put the word out with a couple of organizations that might be able to help. I’d take her myself if I didn’t live in a “no pets allowed” duplex.

  5. Lanelle DeCaire

    I would take her in as a foster, but I can’t afford to transport her to AZ. Are their services for that?

  6. purplepawprints

    Did not expect to cry from DogShaming tonight. I’m so glad to read that it looks like Fire was adopted quickly. RIP Sgt Henry. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.

  7. Sarah Stevens

    I live NW Ohio and my husband and I have deciced
    My husband and I live in NW Ohio and have decided to adopt a dog. We live in the country with plent of room and a pond for swimming. As of now we have two dogs but our Lab is okdr and has health issues.We would love to get a dog that has served his country and ket him or her live a life of leisure,love, and fun!

  8. Jessica

    Fire’s been adopted!!!

    “Pinellas County Animal Services The dog has a home so please don’t contact the mom. If something happens with the home we will repost. Thanks!” 🙂

  9. Jessica

    I just shared this on Facebook, but I pulled it down — SO glad to hear that Fire has a home.


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