14 Responses to “Bathroom Beagle”

  1. Karen McCreary

    I keep trying to explain to my Chihuahua that I am more than capable of using the bathroom on my own. But he insists on being there, always ready to lend a paw should I need it.

  2. Kim

    My pup and cat can’t let me go the bathroom in peace! They might miss something important ! Lol

  3. Annie

    When we first got our dog, she used to try and climb in the shower *with* me! She’s gotten over that, but if I’m going to the bathroom and don’t shut the door enough, she’ll come drop a toy into my pants to try and get me to play. :p

  4. Hilary O

    My keeshond Jack does the same thing but our toilet is so small it is like a shopping centre cubicle and when he pushes in the door is always half open with his body in the way so I cannot shut it. I’m getting quite adept at shouting “I’m in the loo” so others don’t walk by…

  5. Leeora Patterson

    I had a cat when I was growing up who would come to bathe with me, so i always made sure that I closed the door because it would be a big mess when we got out trying to dry the cat off,

  6. Nicole

    Henry looks exactly like my sisters beagle and she does the same thing, she can’t be left out of any activity!

  7. Dana

    this is what I call “having a family meeting” at my house…me on the toilet & 5 Basset Hounds watching! •<*{}

  8. Terri Maslen

    I have 4 dogs AND a kitty that do it! I tell them I don’t know how I manage to powder my nose when I’m at work! Ehat great little helper monkeys!


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