11 Responses to “Bed-eater”

  1. Hannah

    My beagle has chewed up three, maybe 4 dog beds already. He doesn’t like the material. So we’ve had to experiment. -_-

  2. Emily

    My dog ate 2 beds in less than a week when she was around 5-6 months. Then she got past that phase. I think it’s correlated with teething and boredom when crated. Try putting toys in with him or let him have just a blanket for awhile til you can transition him back to a bed 🙂 good luck!

  3. Erin

    My beagle thinks his beds are chew toys. After buying Three, I finally wised up. He sleeps on his chewed up blanket, my bed (which he doesn’t chew), or on the bare bottom of his crate (when I go out). He’s not quite a douchebag, but he does try my patience!

  4. Rebecca Amos

    My little foster dog has done this to about 3 or 4 beds now, even with chew toys in there with her. She just gets blankets now (and toys still of course).

  5. Veronica Hawk

    We lost one bed within 1 week. Then went out and bought a metal oil pan from Home Depot. Nutmeg, the jack russell (and 3 blankets) fit in there perfectly.

  6. mantion

    I love my costco beds, no dog has ever destroyed them. I wish they made dog toys because those things don’t last a day.

  7. Laura

    What he is trying to tell you: “I thought I made myself clear. I do not want to sleep in a dog bed. The couch or your bed will do nicely.”

  8. patsouthward

    He’s bored and likes to chew. Give him one of those toys you fill with peant butter in the crate. If he does it outside the crate, give him a RAW bone — not processed. Keeps mine busy long after the marrow is gone and keeps his teeth in perfect condition.

  9. Electra

    Patsouthward is right, he needs to chew when he’s bored. Raw bones are good for dogs, no chicken/rabbit or either tiny bones though, too dangerous (they swallow them and can get hurt pretty bad). Get a huge one, my mini Dasch loves her raw bone (as big as her head) !


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