11 Responses to “Bermuda Boxer”

  1. Curt

    I had something like this on my lab when she went into heat. Then forgot to take it off when I let her out to go to the bathroom. Oh man was that a mess!

  2. Ann Y.

    Oh dear, I almost spit out my ice tea on my keyboard because as soon as I saw this, I busted out laughing! That has to be the cutest picture I’ve seen in a while. I just love Mac the boxer wearing his boxers!

  3. Mad cat lady of Oz

    That big sad face is saying “stop laughing at me!”. Sorry sweetie but you look hilarious.

  4. hulaotter

    Mac! Jack would like to thank you personally for getting him out of the Cone of Shame and into a pair of boxers! Who knew that the slit was for tail wagging? He’s gone from humiliated to lab with SWAGGER because of you. Thanks. Love, Jack the Lab who doesn’t know anything’s missing down there yet.


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