7 Responses to “Butter Thief”

  1. Pat McDonald

    I have to guard my butter with my life – my yellow lab can smell it and will counter surf until she finds it!!! I end up putting it on TOP of the refrigerator and then she knocks down all my magnets! Labs love butter! I love Labs so I guess it is okay. Enjoy Bailey!

  2. isa

    my brother had a lab that ate a whole tub of margarine…he had a very shiny coat after that

  3. crysania4

    Oh Bailey, my girl Dahlia is totally with you on that one. She’s stolen multiple sticks of butter!

  4. Weim Mom

    My girls love butter too! Many times they have stealthily stolen covered dishes of butter off the counter and taken them to the couch to uncover and eat (they do this when I am right there in the kitchen). They have no shame!!


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