7 Responses to “Buyer Beware!”

  1. Veronica

    That’s what they love to do! Mine isn’t quite that bad since we don’t have a lot of mud in my area of FL, but she does get into the sticker vines.

  2. Jill Jarvis

    What’s a bit of mud when you have a truly loving, loyal sweet dog whose temperament is even, easily trainable and enjoys family life as long as there are plenty of long runs.

  3. Dupa

    We have a tri colored springer named Beckett as well and he loves the mud also. He’s a 5 yrs old male.

  4. Guerrette

    Omg at first I thought you bought a dog online and that they sent you a whole different dog until I read it completely. That is the cutest thing since Denver the guilty dog on youtube. Your blessed. XOXO


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