10 Responses to “Chipper’s Welcome Home Present”

  1. kathy vaughn

    Chipper, as in the tool that shreds tree branches, seems a very appropriate name!

    • Missy

      I agree. Health and safety first. AND where is “Mom,s” responsibility? Trash should (esp. hazardous trash) should not be accessible to pets.

  2. Dawn Hampton

    Totally agree! These snapshots are always just one moment in time, just for laughs. I contend that 99.9% of people who take the time to post their precious babies on this website are responsible (if goofy) pet owners. So enough of the naggin’ and waggin’ the finger at other people you don’t know! For cryin’ out loud, for all we know this picture was taken hours after the dog was taken to the emergency vet and checked out okay. The owner might’ve already rushed the dog to the vet and left all the trash lying there and then came back and took photos. Sheesh, people, LIGHTEN UP!


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