4 Responses to “Crayola Thief.”

  1. RF

    My mom’s poodle would do the same thing to her lipstick… We would wake up in the morning and find her face and butt covered in red or pink (back in the 70’s) and we did not know where it was coming from. One morning I caught her digging in my mom’s purse and when her head popped out, she had a tube of lipstick… It was funny…

  2. mizweesa

    My dog did this, too. She would bring the crayons into the bathroom while I was giving my son a bath so we could both witness her shameful act.

  3. Nathan Eberhardt

    When I was a kid the family dog devoured on of those big 96 count crayola boxes. Much too my delight, the next day I discovered a couple of rainbow swirled turds in the back yard. In 25 years I have not forgotten this and the memory still brings a huge smile to my face.


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