8 Responses to “Dachshunds now come in Cherry Flavour.”

  1. Cynthia

    A handsome pair indeed! I thought when my children were raised I could buy decent furniture and take down the baby gates. I guess I forgot to consider my dachshunds…My bathroom has a baby gate to keep the dogs from eating cat food and grrazing the litter box. I love them anyway! 🙂

  2. Debbie King

    once Jezebel, my doxie, somehow managed to climb on the kitchen table and get to the counter top and ate sausage grease, she immediately came down and puked in the spare room, later on that day, after i’d cleaned the puke, she licked a bare spot in carpet in the shape of Texas…..from the leftover aroma i guess

  3. Missy Pants

    Thats my dogs! 😀 And so you all know, they ate the SECOND cherry lipbalm the next week. Something about that cherry scent they could not resist!

    • heatherkay

      Ha! If you buy makeup that’s basically just food, they can’t be expected to know the difference! I use a super yummy-smelling vanilla body butter that must have some sort of bittering agent in it to keep babies from eating it. Smells awesome, tastes awful if you get some in your mouth by mistake.

  4. Margarida Carvalho

    By Labrador, Vickie, also ate my lip balm. It wasn’t made with any special taste, but it was very hydrating and the next day Vickie’s poop was liquid! Horrible! LOL

  5. esme

    I’m lucky my dog just licks lip balm or chap stick if I offer it her. She always comes running if I put it on. The other dogs at the dog park jump up and try to lick it off whenever I put it on.


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