10 Responses to “Dishes? Yum!”

  1. judy

    Before our newest dog found us the other two would get to lick the plates when we ended up with 3 that was over. So she was wise and always gets on the dishwasher like yours to clean up the leftovers smart when you think of it.

  2. Stacie

    This is SO funny, we have a dog named Ezekiel who will do the same thing, but here is the really funny part: My pop who is named Oakley (yes, REALLY!) will bring his plate in saying “You don’t have to worry about the dishes, Zekie did them.” Next time I will say he did them, lol.

  3. Susan, Dexter and Karma

    Pre wash cycle. It’s a very energy efficient part of the cleaning process…. happens here too!

  4. Ann

    Wyatt is a good pre-washer too! In fact, we call him the Kitchen Manager as he makes sure to supervise everything that goes on there!!

  5. Saiph

    Well… I know what you mean, however, since we allow them to do it, couldn’t it be considered Human Shamig, too? LOL!

  6. Emily

    i want you to know that i have a blue aussie as well. athough she is now 3 years old…she still gets in trouble for licking the dishes inside the dishwasher!


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