7 Responses to “Don’t get mad, get even”

  1. melissa L

    oh Winston- you look like you worked really hard on that shoe..no shame – just congrats!

  2. Chantal

    Go Roller skating with him sometimes. My Jack Russell Terrier and I go bike riding together using the Springer. He regards my bike shoes with such a high degree of respect and pleasure.

  3. done

    Mine got upset and chewd hole in top of leather loveseat. Banished to crates when i leave house but love those little doxies

  4. purplepawprints

    Did you cry? I know I would have cried for sure if my derby skates were destroyed. :-/

  5. Leah

    YES! Doxies are incredibly spiteful. Mine is the love of my life, but he knows it. Probably why he knows he can be destructive. 😉


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