11 Responses to “Dopey dog”

  1. ajay

    i have come across a few dogs like this in the vet clinics i have worked at, my dog is one of them! he is fine if i do his nails but if a vet touches his feet or teeth…. no way.

  2. Nat

    My Nenè also needed to be sadated for most of her 15 years of life. She was a small JRT, but she was a feisty old lady! ^.^

  3. :)

    My last dog was also a Wiley—and had to be muzzled for nail clips! People in the vet’s waiting room would console me because it sounded like he was in pain…and then he’d come prancing out, biscuit in mouth, happy as can be 🙂

  4. Wendi Mac

    Our Shepherd/Hound mix is super dramatic at the vet, to the point that he pees himself when getting a bordatella shot up the nose.

  5. Renee' Tench

    Laughed until I cried! Hysterical look on his face. Makes a pedicure even more fun.

  6. bratgrr1

    My baby, Hershey, also has to be sedated for nail clips. He freaks when anyone touches his feet!


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