14 Responses to “Dottie the Adoptable Dog”

  1. DaneLady

    She looks like a Dane! Where is she, and is she special needs at all (she looks like she might be blind and/or deaf)? I would love another Dane.

  2. Erin

    How does one “look” as though they may be blind or deaf? WOW
    So where is the dog’s adopt info????

  3. Brenda

    Erin, I’ts a well known fact that certain breeds of pure white dogs are often deaf and or blind. No need to attack before doing your research.

  4. Julie

    Erin, I can help with the blind or deaf question. From working for a vet animals that are mainly white and have pink eyes have a high tendency to be deaf. When we would see white cats with pink eyes for instance they were generally deaf or had another health problem. Just thought I would help out a little. She is a beautiful dog and I would love her!

  5. Dixie

    The gene for deafness and blindness is carried on the same chromosome as the gene for this coloring in dogs – the “white or merle” coloring – if I understand it correctly. So it is more frequent for dogs with this coloring to be deaf or blind, especially in Great Danes. Its not universal, but much more common. Though judging from this dog’s size, it can’t be pure Dane – maybe a mix?

  6. Sally Monster

    Perhaps she used the antlers to reach through the gate and snag the boots 😉 She’s gorgeous.

  7. DaneLady

    Thanks for backing me up, everyone. 🙂 I agree she looks like maybe a mix, but maybe also just a young Dane. I would absolutely take her right away!

  8. Haleigh

    She is in Utah through hearts4paws.org. She is a boxer mix, only about 42 lbs. she may be adopted soon. I’m her foster, sorry her info didn’t get included 🙂 no deafness, but we wonder if she is a bit blind.


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