13 Responses to “‘Fraidy dog”

  1. cookerann

    Awww,,,poor baby. If it makes her feel any better, tell her that my dog is afraid of my my new Keurig coffee maker. She won’t come near the kitchen whenever it’s on.

  2. April

    We had to put a nite light inthe laundry room because our 90lbs bassett was afraid to come inthe doggie door after dark because he of the cat would sneak attack.

  3. Julie

    Our 72 pound bulldog accidentally made a squeaky toy squeak last night when he stepped on it. I didn’t know he could jump that high.

  4. Sue Andersen

    Caesar Milan has said if you want to be in control of your dog, act like a cat.

  5. Artemis

    My Mister has grown up so much. I remember when he was running scared from Nova (little 2 lb kitten).


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