17 Responses to “Guilty beagles”

  1. Karma

    We used to chase 2 of our 3 beagles often enough that the neighborhood would go on beagle alert and start blowing up our phones and Facebook when they were spotted. Baxter and Pebbles were NEVER sorry. Thank goodness for a few years of beagle maturity and a fence that cost more than my car!

  2. Kate

    I don’t think they’re sorry! That’s just the way beagles are but I love the expressions on their faces. My beagle is able to jump out of her harness, gentle leader and anything else I put on her. She’s a nose with four legs!!!

  3. RaptorTurtle

    This was the only time they ever escaped. We had just installed the fence, and we missed a hole (that was filled in as soon as we found it). They escaped while out for their morning potty break, and then led us on a merry chase around the neighborhood before they decided they’d had enough. They then happily jumped into the car like nothing was wrong. I think they finally remembered that they hadn’t had breakfast yet…

    BTW, both of these gorgeous hound dogs came from Atlanta Beagle Rescue!

  4. Pam

    My beagle Lucy got her cute little self arrested on time. I still have her mug shot.

  5. Sue

    How fab are these two! I’ve a Beagle Harrier cross….little devil he is! Made a show of me many a time!

  6. beaglechase

    oh hahahaha…..beagle alert…..i can relate to that…..have five rescues now…..only two are interested on what’s on the other side of the fence….but katie, the beagle that made me fall in love with beagles…. LOVED to run!!! as fast as we could patch holes she’d find another….she was like *chase me!!* i discovered, after chasing her halfway across the neighbors pasture, by running AWAY from her, she chased ME….all the way home!!!!! never a dull moment….i love my beagles….and two of mine were referred to me by ATLANTA BEAGLE RESCUE!!!


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