14 Responses to “He delivered someone else’s package…”

  1. Lisa Amira

    Oh Maggie…you sound like my Buddy and kinda look like him too! He is lab/beagle mix.

    • gloglix

      true, she looks ashamed but regardless, shame on you Maggie! You know better and you deserve to be public ally shamed for running down a delivery human!

  2. christy

    My 8-pound dachshund would have used the poor guy’s fall as an opportunity to go in for the kill :-p

  3. jackie

    I can relate….I have had the UPS man call me from the end of my driveway to say he has a package and my dog will not ‘allow’ him to deliver it. Luckily, he is pretty easy going…the UPS man, that is! My lab mix has a bark that leaves grown men at bay 🙂

  4. Ryn

    Wait a second! Is she from Alabama? She looks like one of my dog’s sisters and has the same name too 😀

  5. Heather

    I just want to know how you manage to get your dog to hold the note in his mouth. Mine would not have anything to do with that.

  6. Anika

    Oh Miss Maggie looks just like my Yukon. She passed away two years ago. She could scare the crap outta someone with one bark…..if u got close she would lick u to death.

  7. Michelle Godkin List

    I don’t know about FedEx but the US Postal Service is NOT allowed to give biscuits or other treats. Some people have animal companions with special dietary requirements…
    I love my two Cavaliers very much and I care for the plight of all dogs and other animals, but I would be scared if a strange dog ran at me.

  8. Jessie

    Mine are like that too. If I had packages delivered often enough so my ups guy saw my girls I would tell him their names. Luckily all needs to be done is say their names firmly & they would lay down n


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