8 Responses to “I believe I can fly”

  1. tisrach

    Fantastic! My GSD x Andalucian hunting hound used to think she could catch squirrels by jumping at the tree. She was then unable to move upwards (which was her sworn intention) so would just hang there – looking like a bloated Koala – until gravity won the day.

  2. Billyet

    My chiweenie thinks she can catch the squirrels that taunt her from the garage roof. She truly thinks those short, stubby legs have springs. 😉

  3. AnnieF

    My white boxer Lady swears if she jumps high enough she will be able to catch the squirrels too! She has been doing this for a while now (2-3 yrs) and she still has not caught up with the fact that it won’t work!!! I get a great kick of seeing her doing it!

  4. kathy

    My chiweenie also thinks she can catch the squirrels. She jumps very high but quickly falls back. She never seems to understand she will not be able to climb the tree.

  5. Shelley

    This actually made me laugh out loud.

    I am writing a series of childrens books where a neighborhood of dogs are our main characters. I love seeing/hearing real life stories of things like this – they are so much funnier than anything I can dream up.

    Too cute!!


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