5 Responses to “I bite my mommy”

  1. ajay

    oh no! some dogs really hate anything done to their ears. i am so lucky that my dog gets very excited when i clean his ears. he see’s the cotton balls, jumps up and lays down on my knee. i used to work in a vet clinic and never came across another dog that did that.

  2. dogsandcatsandhorsesohmy

    I’m assuming you’ve had his/her ears checked for infection, right? If not, that could be why she’s biting, she’s painful. If so, try fondling her head and ears very gently when she’s resting comfortably close to you. Do it every time you’re together so that she gets used to having her ears handled. That should help. Good luck.

  3. jd archer

    I’ve found that the cloth medical masks with the string ties work great as a muzzle for short nosed dogs. It’s pain free for both of you 🙂

  4. George Johnson

    Ditto the ear infection comment. My dog snapped at me once, and it turns out she had an infection and her ear was hurting her really bad. So, she did what dogs do, snap.
    Other than that, she loves to have her ears massaged. And snout rubs, massages. Come to think of it, anything massaged or rubbed.


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